The meaning of HELGN is Saint, and is Nordic inspired. A Saint is one who has found a purpose in life, is devoted to that purpose, and does it in excellence.
Purpose could be ones calling to serve something greater than themselves, or be it something they are passionate about; Passionate in the way that it is what one absolutely loves, feels alive, or stirs the blood within their veins while doing.

"Saints" are devoted to their path, they walk with a spirit of excellence and have their own gold standard. It's what is required to reach a level of greatness.

The Fleur De Lis in HELGN, represents a bloodline of royalty, divinity, purity, perfection, luxury, life, and light. The Norse elegance and symbolism, inspires truth, direction, strength, valor, and perseverance.

Gold, a color of wealth, prosperity, and success, but also a generous and compassionate color. Gold is inherently enlightening and uplifting, it inspires us and gives us the confidence to reach our potentials. The gold color spectrum is used in HELGN to inspire a golden way of living, and ones own gold standard. HELGN gold honors and is representative of the royalty, but is mainly used as an expression of luxury, and one being refined within their life. Royal blue and northern blue are also core colors to HELGN, which in part, represent and encompass the essence of, "True North."

Once used on maps and compasses to indicate "True North," the Fleur De Lis represents a fundamental, natural, mysterious element that helps direct the curious to their metaphorical "True North."