What Is Your Passion?

by Nathan Whetnall on November 11, 2020
Finding Your Passion

When we talk of finding your "True North," here at HELGN, it's to simply ask yourself things and let your internal compass do the talking. That internal compass of yours guides you successfully through life, and pulls you towards purpose. You might simply ask yourself, "what is my passion?" but also ask yourself, "why is this my passion?" When you try and find your "True North" throughout life, not only does it bring you more understanding to your own self, but also gives you the confidence in knowing why it is you are what you are, and why you do what you do.

You can be passionate about sports for example, but do you know why?

From a young age were you surrounded by sports? Was it just something that you grew up watching? Did you play a sport you got really good at? When you were playing, were you more happy about the end result in winning the game, or your actual performance throughout?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself, there are no right or wrong answers, but if someone were to ask you...

"So what is it about sports you are passionate about?"

You might have a better answer than one would have expected.

You might not even have to know exactly why, but if you can find deeper meaning and understanding to your own life, in all things, that's when you can have more confidence in your "True North."

It's one thing to know what your passion is, it's another thing to act on it. The best way of knowing what your passionate about, is if you always find time for it, no matter what is going on in your life. Even if it's something you have to put it to the side for a while, it's probably that one thing you always go back to. 

Easy questions you can ask yourself to identifying what your passions might be...

  • What would you be doing if money wasn't a thing? 
  • What excites, or moves you? 
  • Is there one thing you have compelling love for?
  • Is there something you always desire to do?

You might find yourself with a lot of passions, which is no problem!

Once you've identified what this passion of yours might be, you can ask yourself, what purpose does it serve? 

Does it give you self fulfillment?

Playing the guitar for example, you might not be the best at it, but you can play along to your favorite songs and get enjoyment out of it.

Can your passion serve others as well? 

Or you are really good at guitar! Is it possible you could start making your own music for other to enjoy as well?

Whatever it might be you love to do, take an honest look and see what you can make of it! The way we look at it here from HELGN, is if you can not only get fulfillment in what you do, but serve others in the process, that is the ultimate win win! 

With our clothing, the Fleur De Lis indicates "True North" and encourages you to put that internal compass to use, and HELGN means "Saint" in which means to be your best self and to serve others in the process!

Whether it's your passion or anything else in life, we hope you "Find Your True North."