Show Your Contrast.

by Nathan Whetnall on February 02, 2021

Contrast Find Your True North

What is contrast? It's the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. Or a thing or person having qualities noticeably different from another; and just like every snowflake, were all unique. We might be the same thing, but we are all different in our own way.

In a world of look-alikes, it's easy to just fit in with the rest of them. A lot of people in their lives forget who they are, don't know why it is they do what they do, and go along with the rest of the pack. From afar you just see the snow falling, and don't get to see what each flake has to show for. We forget our own beauty and why we even came to the world.

I believe in finding your own true north in life, towards calling, purpose, towards living as your best self. It makes a world of a difference when you realize you are on your own path, that you can create and make a way for yourself. I encourage you to dive deep in looking at what you are here to do, to see what you want out of life, also what you can bring to others in this life.

When I see the snowfall it reminds me we all our own, that we are not all a spinning image. Remember that for yourself, that in a world of close association, you are strikingly different.

You bring your own, CONTRAST. 

Break the mold, Show it off.


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