The Little Things.

by Nathan Whetnall on February 02, 2021

Connection Family USA The Simple Little Things Find Your True North

We get to caught up in our day to day lives and the stress of it all. We forget about the joy and love that surrounds us. Beauty and fulfillment can be found in the littlest of things, whether that is family, friends, a fire, animals, etc. All the simple pleasures and not needing something extravagant.

Connection and community take you a long way in your journey, and finding the time to be with those people, to even do the simplest of things, can take a load off your shoulders and make you remember what is really important in life.

Finding friends you can call family, and people that all lift each other up, truly is special. After all, they say it takes a village.

Find Time.

Find Yours.

Find Your True North.


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